Episode 19 – Linux in Space

In this episode, Grant and Ian talk about how Linux and the open source Chromium platform controls the Crew Dragon Demo-2 and much more.

  • NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley used the foundation of Google’s Chrome browser — the most widely used browser in the world — every time they tapped the touchscreens that controlled the Crew Dragon capsule as it flew to the International Space Station on the last two days of May.
  • SpaceX uses Linux and Chromium, Google’s open-source foundation for the Chrome web browser, for the touchscreen user interface on the Crew Dragon.
  • Each SpaceX rocket and satellite uses a variation of the Linux operating system that powers each of the world’s billions of Android phones.
  • There is a simulator you can try out. https://iss-sim.spacex.com/

Recorded July 28, 2020